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City of Oldsmar Temporary Use Permit-Outdoor Dining EO 2020-19

  1. NOTICE TO APPLICANT: Processing will not be started, and the application will not be officially accepted until all the following items have been completed.

    This Application includes the submission of a drawing/sketch indicating the location of the temporary dining as it pertains to the restaurant, number of customers to be served, and method of securing if located in the parking area. It will also include the submission of property ownership or landlord approval.

  2. A. Application: The application must be complete.

  3. Identify event facilities and ingress/egress for traffic and pedestrians.

  4. OR Letter of Consent/no objection from Property Owner: Submit a signed letter from the current property owner or landlord indicating approval and no objections to the outdoor dining.


  6. Sq Ft/Acres



  9. I hereby acknowledge that if, this application will be invalidated if there is any violation of the terms and conditions under which it was issued or if there is any deviation from the use described here in. I further acknowledge that this permit can be revoked for any false, erroneous or misleading information provided with this application.

    I understand that there may be conditions to be met as defined by city staff on the final page of the permit application and that these conditions must be satisfied prior to the permit's approval. The City reserves the right to inspect the property and/or temporary structures.

  10. By typing your name here, you are signing this form electronically. You agree you are submitting this application for processing and is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this form. You must be the legal property owner/qualified license holder or authorized agent which match our registration records.

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