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City of Oldsmar Temporary Use Permit


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  • Step One

    1. NOTICE TO APPLICANT: Processing will not be started, and the application will not be officially accepted until all the following items have been completed.
      The applicant or his/her authorized representative must be present at any requested meeting and any requested public hearing considering the application and it is the duty of the applicant or his/her authorized representative to obtain the time, date, and place of all public hearings and/or meetings at the Office of the City Clerk. Failure to appear shall be sufficient cause to deny the request due to lack of evidence.
    2. Identify event facilities and ingress/egress for traffic and pedestrians.
    3. OR Letter of Consent/no objection from Property Owner: Submit a signed, notarized letter from the current property owner indicating approval and no objections to the proposed event.
    4. COI for general liability. Must be current and indicate limits of coverage.
    6. Sq Ft/Acres