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City of Oldsmar Temporary Banner Permit

  1. $25 permit fee will apply

    Fee will become due upon processing application

  2. Temporary/Event Banner
    An event banner is defined as any sign made of lightweight fabric or similar material used specifically to advertise an event, such as a grand opening, seasonal sale, or similar event. Use of event banners shall be allowed only as follows: 1) Event banners shall be installed and secured entirely on private property except that the City may install event banners on City property and across the public right-of-way, or allow a bonafide charitable, philanthropic or similar not-for-profit organization to install banners on City property and across the public right-of-way; 2) Event banners shall advertise events solely on private property, or in the case of the City, within the city limits or that area commonly identified and known as the “Greater Oldsmar” area; 3)Event banners shall not exceed a height of 48 inches, and an area of 48 square feet; 4) Only one event banner is allowed per address at any one time and may be attached/secured either on poles or posts, on existing signage where said signage is installed on poles or posts or on similar types of structures. Attaching banners to fences or vegetation is prohibited. Event banner use shall be limited to four times per year and fourteen days per each occurrence. A minimum of forty-five days between each occurrence shall be required and shall be enforced through the issuance of an event banner permit from the City. There shall be no fee to obtain an event banner permit for a bonafide charitable, philanthropic or similar not-for-profit organization.
  3. Property Owner's Name
  4. If applicable
  5. Address where banner will be located. Must be on private property and include permission from property owner if applicant is not the property owner
  6. Describe image/text/size of event banner
  7. Dates Banner will be displayed:
    Maximum 14 days
  8. This can be a google earth aerial snapshot, survey, etc.
  9. Simple drawing or computer generated image of banner
  10. If applicable
  11. Owner/Agent
  12. I hereby acknowledge that if approved, this permit will be invalidated if any violation to the terms and conditions under which it is issued occurs, or if there is any deviation from the herein described use. I further acknowledge that this permit can be revoked for any false, erroneous, or misleading information provided on this form
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