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City of Oldsmar Application for Reclaimed Water and Hold Harmless Agreement

  1. RECLAIMED METERS ONLY: A five (5) foot separation must be maintained between a reclaimed and potable water line. Homeowner will be responsible for connecting their irrigation system to the City meter. Service is requested for: (Check applicable item)
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  6. What type of irrigation system you are presently using?
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  9. Type of Connection Requested:
  10. It is understood and agreed that the Owner of the described premises shall be responsible for prompt payment to the City of Oldsmar, Florida, for all City utilities furnished by the City to the described premises in accordance with City Ordinance 90-15. It is further agreed that the City shall have the right to enter the above premises at reasonable times to inspect the reclaimed water piping and fittings, to discontinue City utilities for nonpayment of service charges, for tampering with the service (includes meter and appurtenances), for cross-connection inspection with another service or water source, or for any other reason that may be detrimental to the City system.
    I have read and understand the City’s Policies and Procedures for Reclaimed Water Service and agree to restrict use of reclaimed water for the purpose(s) described in this application. I understand that due to the chemical composition of reclaimed water, that it may not be compatible for irrigation of certain susceptible vegetation, and I agree that the City will not be held liable for damages that may occur to vegetation or for damages which may occur due to uses of reclaimed water for purposes not included in this application or interruptions to service, and agree to defend and hold harmless the City from all claims and judgments arising there from against the City by any person.
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