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City of Oldsmar Annexation Application



    1. 1. Processing will not be started, and the application will not be officially accepted until all the following items have been completed. The applicant of his/her authorized representative must be present at any requested meeting and any requested public hearing considering the application and it is the duty of the applicant or his/her authorized representative to obtain the time, date, and place of all public hearings and/or meetings at the Office of the City Clerk.
      2. Electronic Plan Submittal: Please submit in .PDF format containing the application, attachments, and all plans. In addition, submit four (4) paper copies of the same. (Additional copies may be requested.)
    2. A. APPLICATION: The application must be complete and signed by the property owner.
      B. CONTIGUOUS LAND STATEMENT: State as to whether or not the owner applicant has a proprietary interest, or in any way has other contractual interest in any land which is continuous to the land which is the subject of this subject of this request. If so, also attach a legal description of the property and identify as "Additional Land Holdings in the Area." State the interest in such land.
    3. C. CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP: Submit a certificate from a duly licensed title or abstract company or a licensed attorney-at-law showing that the owner is the present titleholder of record. (WARRANTY DEEDS, TITLE INSURANCE DOCUMENTS, TAX RECEIPTS, ETC., ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AS PROOF OF OWNERSHIP).
      D. LIST OF SURROUNDING PROPERTY OWNERS WITHIN 200' ON MAILING LABELS: This may be obtained from the Pinellas County Property Appraisers Office.
    4. E. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Please include this with the application.
      F. CERTIFIED BOUNDARY SURVEY OF THE PROPERTY: Survey must be current, within the last 12 months, and sealed.