How do I report an emergency where I need the Fire Department, an ambulance, or the Sheriff’s Department?
Always dial 911 to report any emergency. All 911 calls in Pinellas County are answered by the Pinellas County Emergency Communications Center. If the Fire Department or an ambulance is needed, the communications center dispatches the closest units to the incident. If the call is for law enforcement, the caller is transferred to the appropriate law enforcement dispatch center. In Oldsmar, that agency is the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department. If you need to speak with a sheriff’s officer but no emergency exists, you may call the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department at 727-582-6200 and request an Oldsmar deputy.

There have been some instances when a resident has called the fire station’s non-emergency business telephone number to request assistance or driven to the fire station for treatment of a medical emergency. We want to discourage people from doing this as often times the firefighters are away from the station performing inspections, testing fire hydrants, or training.

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1. How do I report an emergency where I need the Fire Department, an ambulance, or the Sheriff’s Department?
2. When a call is made to 911, how long before emergency help arrives?
3. If Oldsmar Fire Rescue units are on a call and another 911 call is received, who responds?
4. Why do an Oldsmar fire truck and a Sunstar ambulance respond to medical calls?
5. When I was transported to the hospital, why wasn't I taken to the hospital of my choice?
6. How do the firefighters know when they have an emergency call?
7. How many people work for the City of Oldsmar Fire Rescue?
8. What type of education or certification is needed to become an Oldsmar firefighter?
9. Does the fire department have any volunteer firefighting opportunities?
10. Is it possible to get a tour of the fire station and see the fire trucks?
11. Will you inspect my fire extinguisher?
12. Does the Fire Department offer any public education courses such as CPR?
13. Do you inspect the installation of baby car safety seats?
14. Does the Fire Department do home fire safety inspections?
15. What is the city's ISO Public Protection Classification?