What corrective measures have been taken to avoid a missed sample like this?

A comprehensive review of the water sampling procedures was conducted to identify any shortcomings.  Employees involved in the sampling process have undergone additional training to ensure proper adherence to the established protocols.  A review of the quality control checks was completed with the staff and the contract laboratory.  Enhanced quality control checks were introduced to detect any irregularities or deviations early on. The laboratory will notify staff as soon as possible of any exceedance of an RDL or MCL. This will enable prompt corrective action if any issues arise.  A designated team is now assigned to oversee the entire organics sampling process, ensuring compliance with the newly strengthened protocols. This will add an additional layer of accountability to prevent similar violations.

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1. What is DEHP?
2. What are other names for DEHP?
3. What is the EPA drinking water standard for DEHP
4. What is the highest concentration sampled for DEHP in Oldsmar?
5. When should a sample have been taken?
6. When was the city notified of the sampling violation?
7. When was a follow-up sample taken for DEHP? What were the results?
8. Has the city ever had an issue with elevated DEHP?
9. What is the difference between a Maximum Contaminant Limit (MCL) and the Regulatory Detection Limit (RDL)?
10. How long does the city have to provide public notice of a violation like this?
11. Why did the city not immediately notify me?
12. Why is the city required to provide noticing in so many forms.
13. What corrective measures have been taken to avoid a missed sample like this?