Is the smoke safe?

Yes.  This method has been safely used in many communities for years.  The smoke is specially manufactured for this process.  It is not a true ’smoke,’ but rather, a highly visible mist. It will not hard you or your children, pets, or plants. It will not leave residues or stains.  The smoke dissipates within minutes of being introduced into the system.

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1. Is the smoke safe?
2. Will anyone need to enter my home?
3. Will the smoke enter my home?
4. Is it okay to stay inside during the testing?
5. Is there anything I should do to prepare my home for testing?
6. What if the smoke does enter my house?
7. Will the smoke set off my smoke alarm?
8. Will rodents be smoked out?
9. Is there anything else I should know?
10. What happens if the testing locates a leak or a bad connection to public lines?