Yard Waste

  1. Collection Requirements
  2. Set-Out Time
  3. Pickup Frequency
  4. Max Count
  5. Materials Accepted
  6. Materials Not Accepted
  7. Non-Collection

Collection Requirements

Yard waste shall mean grass, leaves, and brush (i.e. small branches, twigs, palm fronds) from general yard maintenance, this does not include materials from tree removal, land clearing or home renovation projects.

Yard waste shall be placed in the garbage cart, in a personal garbage can, bagged or bundled within 2 feet of the curb or edge of pavement and at least 3 feet away from any other object.

The City will collect up to, and no more than 2 total cubic yards or manageable yard waste per week. 2 cubic yards is 3' high by 3' wide by 6' long.