City Attorney

Thomas J. Trask was appointed City Attorney for Oldsmar in October 1996.

The City Attorney is a Charter Official with the following duties outlined in the City Charter:

The City Attorney shall advise the City in all legal matters and shall perform any other duties prescribed by the charter or by general law or by the City Council; the City Attorney shall be an attorney admitted to and having authority to practice in all courts of the state.

Mr. Trask is the Managing Partner of the Trask Daigneault, L.L.P. law firm and is Board Certified in City, County, and Local Government Law. Mr. Trask has contracted with the City and is not a regular City employee. The City Attorney works for many other cities as well.

Mr. Trask is contracted with the City. Should you need to send a message to him, please contact either the City Clerk or City Manager's office.

You can also send mail to his attention to 100 State Street West, Oldsmar, Florida 34677. 

Oldsmar City Attorney Tom Trask