City Charter Officials

The City Charter is the document which sets up the framework of the City of Oldsmar government. The Charter gives the government its powers and provides direction on who can be elected, how elections are run, the larger organization of the city, and other directives. The only way a City Charter can be amended is through an election by the registered voters of the City of Oldsmar.

Three positions are in the City Charter, and they are considered Charter Officials. Those positions are City Manager, City Clerk, and City Attorney. While the City Council fills and vacates the charter official positions by appointing and removing the people who fill them, the positions themselves cannot be removed except through election of the City of Oldsmar voters. Other positions in the City government can be added and removed through the operational budget process.

Charter Officials have responsibilities outlined in the Charter. In Oldsmar, these positions report directly to City Council and work hard to ensure accessibility for citizens, operational continuity, and legal compliance. City Council can remove Charter Officials from their positions with a 3/5 vote at any time.