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Is your organization looking for someone to speak about sustainability? The Oldsmar Sustainability Team is here to educate the community on a wide range of topics. Some common topics include sustainability, climate change, community planning, green business, water, energy, transportation, recycling, pollution, green building, Florida-friendly landscaping, environmental education, and more. We have a variety of presentations, workshops, and hands-on activities available for all ages. Check out some of past events and educational outreach below.

Email the Sustainability Coordinator to request a speaker.

  1. Ashlee Painter

    Environmental Management Supervisor

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Kids are our future, and we want to prepare them for it. By working with existing camps - such as Oldsmar Adventure and Spring Break Camp, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Marine Science Camp, and other summer camps - we can help campers become more environmentally conscious. Previous topics have included:

  • Water filtration and watershed management
  • Plantable paper from recycled paper
  • Recycled planters and pollinator gardens
  • Recycling game
  • Biodigesters and food waste reduction

Biodigester data sheet and Marine Science campers