Harbor Palms Infrastructure Improvements


The Harbor Palms residential neighborhood is comprised of approximately 600 homes. The City acquired the Development’s utilities in the 1980s at the community’s request. Infrastructure improvements are required as the existing utilities are approximately 40 years old, consisting of substandard materials that do not meet City utility design standards. The sidewalks and gutters are deteriorating and the frequent restoration required as a result of utility repairs is further impacting the condition of the roadways and sidewalks. Due to budget constraints, the project will be broken into phases.

Status and History

  • Advertisement for Construction February 2019
  • Public Meeting held Monday, November 13 at TECO Hall - per plan after 60% Design Submittal (approximately Fall 2017)
  • Public Meeting held 5 PM, September 26th, 2016 at TECO Hall
  • Two phases of sewer lining completed
  • Phase 1 Construction began July 2019
  • Phase 1 Construction more than 50% complete

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