Harbor Palms Infrastructure Improvements


The Harbor Palms residential neighborhood is comprised of approximately 600 homes. The City acquired the Development’s utilities in the 1980s at the community’s request. Infrastructure improvements are required as the existing utilities are approximately 40 years old, consisting of substandard materials that do not meet City utility design standards. The sidewalks and gutters are deteriorating and the frequent restoration required as a result of utility repairs is further impacting the condition of the roadways and sidewalks. Due to budget constraints, the project will be broken into phases.

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Status and History

  • First year sewer lining complete September 2018
  • Advertisement for Construction February 2019
  • Phase 1 Construction began July 2019
  • Second year sewer lining complete September 2019
  • Phase 2 Design initiated August 2020
  • Third year sewer lining complete September 2020
  • Phase 1 Construction complete December 2020
  • Phase 2 Design completion expected January 2021
  • Phase 2 Construction advertisement expected February 2021

Project Scope of Work

  • Construct new 2, 4, 6, and 8-inch water mains
  • Install new water services and meters
  • Construct new 8-inch HDPE water main under Moccasin Creek
  • Remove 4-foot wide sidewalks and replace with 5-foot wide sidewalks
  • Remove and replace existing curbs
  • Rebuild or resurface roadways, including underdrain in areas
  • Repair some existing stormwater inlets, replacement of tops and lids
  • Restore all work areas to pre-construction or better conditions

Phase 1

Scope of Work

Oakleaf BoulevardElmwood Drive
Lemonwood DriveForest Drive
Greenwood DriveHibiscus Circle North, East, and South
Ironwood Court East and WestMapleleaf Boulevard


  • Advertisement for Construction February 2019
  • Begin construction July 2019
  • 50% completion March 2020
  • Substantial completion December 2020

Phase 2

Scope of Work

Oakleaf BoulevardAzalea Court
Buttonwood DriveMaplewood Drive
Chinaberry DriveDriftwood Circle North, West, and South

Phase 2 Map

Projected Schedule

  • 75% Design plans completed October 2020
  • Public meeting December 2020
  • 90% Design plans completed December 2020
  • 100% Design plans complete January 2021
  • Request Council to advertise January 2021
  • Advertise for construction bids February 2021
  • Begin Construction April/May 2021
    • Phase 1 (Driftwood, Sothern Oakleaf) Begin late Spring 2021
    • Phase 2 (Chinaberry, Buttonwood, next section Oakleaf) Begin Summer 2021
    • Phase 3 (Maplewood, next section Oakleaf) Begin early Fall 2021
    • Phase 4 (Azalea, remainder Oakleaf) Begin Fall 2021
  • Substantial completion Winter 2021/2022

Phase 3

Scope of Work

Tangerine DrivePeppertree Drive
Evergreen DriveLimetree Drive
Forest DriveGreenwood Drive


Construction expected in 2022

  1. Timothy Jacobson

    Senior Engineering Technician

  2. Daniel C. Simpson

    City Engineer