Major Capital Improvements

Current Projects

Harbor Palms Infrastructure Improvements

The Harbor Palms residential neighborhood is comprised of approximately 600 homes. The City acquired the Development’s utilities in the 1980s at the community’s request. Infrastructure improvements are required as the existing utilities are approximately 40 years old, consisting of substandard materials that do not meet City utility design standards. The sidewalks and gutters are deteriorating and the frequent restoration required as a result of utility repairs is further impacting the condition of the roadways and sidewalks. Due to budget constraints, the project will be broken into phases. Click here to view Project Map

Status and History

  • Advertisement for Construction February 2019
  • Two phases of sewer lining completed
  • Phase 1 Construction began July 2019
  • Phase 2 Design initiated August 2020
  • Phase 1 Construction complete December 2020
  • Phase 2 Design completion expected January 2021
  • Phase 2 Construction advertisement expected February 2021

For more information visit the Harbor Palms Infrastructure Improvement website

Forest Lakes Boulevard Project

Pinellas County is conducting a large roadway project in Oldsmar to reconstruct and widen County Road 667/Forest Lakes Boulevard beginning west of Pine Avenue and extending west of Racetrack Road. The County owns the road and associated right-of-way where some of the City utilities reside and are in conflict with the Project. The City contribution to the Project will include relocating the utilities within the right-of-way. 

For more details, contact Pinellas County’s Project Manager Erin Lawson: (727) 464-3176.

For the most current updates visit the Pinellas County CIP Project Updates website.

Climate Resiliency Plan

In April 2020, the City Council approved consulting services, provided by WSP USA, to assist in the creation of a Climate Resiliency Plan for Oldsmar by incorporating the priorities and core values of our community. The plan will help the City provide a greater understanding of local and regional climate risks, identify opportunities to prepare for those changes, educate residents and businesses about risks and adaptation options, and build the City's capacity to include climate data in decision-making. This effort will provide an actionable plan to continue the City's historical commitment to sustainability, with the goal of improved quality of life for Oldsmar residents through awareness and better preparedness. The City received a $75,000 grant to contribute to this effort from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for Resilient Coastlines. The planning process will take a year to complete. If you would like to learn more visit the Resilient Oldsmar website.

Douglas Road Improvement Project

The goal of the Douglas Road Improvement Project is to improve the safety, connectivity, and efficiency of passenger cars, trucks, buses, cyclists and pedestrians.  By providing an improved, aesthetically pleasing corridor, the entire industrial sector in the Cypress Lakes Industrial Park will be energized.  The City has received a $1,000,000 state appropriation for the construction portion of this project.  Design is expected to begin in September 2020.  The first phase of construction is expected to begin in Summer 2021.    

Oldsmar Trail Phase VI (From Stevens Ave to Race Track Rd)

Douglas Road is an existing two-lane facility with open ditches on both sides of the roadway.  The project will provide a 0.47 mile paved trail on the north side of Douglas Road and convert the existing opened ditch drainage system on the north side to a closed pipe system.  The project will also include the reconnection and some realignment of the existing City owned utilities on the north side of the Douglas Road.  The project is primarily funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through a LAP Transportation Alternative Program grant for ~$1.17 million.  Cardno, Inc is the engineer of record.  Construction is expected to begin Summer of 2021.    

Burbank Road Extension

The Burbank Road Extension project [also known as Douglas/Burbank Road Extension in Oldsmar (Phase 1)] involves the construction of Burbank Road from Tampa Road, crossing through the CSX Transportation (railroad) right-of-way, to Douglas Road. In addition to the roadway, the project includes curb & gutter, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, a 10-foot wide pedestrian trail and a sidewalk. The construction of this project is principally funded through a $1.5 million State Economic Development Transportation Fund grant. The Engineer of Record that prepared the construction plans is George F. Young.  Keystone Excavators will be the contractor for the project.  DRMP will be providing Construction Engineering Inspection services.  Construction is expected to begin October 2020, and the estimated project completion is August 2021.  

St. Petersburg Drive Complete Streets

The Complete Streets concept is to enhance mobility, access, and safety for all road users by constructing context sensitive design improvements along the corridor. Oldsmar was awarded a $1M construction grant for the St. Petersburg Drive Complete Streets project by Forward Pinellas. The grant will work in tandem with over $2M of programmed improvements to this segment of St. Petersburg Drive in the City's Capital Improvement Program between 2020 - 2025.  The improvements will include but not be limited to drainage improvements, plans for placing utilities underground, landscape design and design of the streetscape features.  Kimley-Horn and Associates will be performing professional services for the design.  The first phase of construction is expected to begin in fall 2021.

Completed Projects

Downtown Water Main Replacement

The Downtown Water Main Replacement Project is bounded by State Road 580, Lafayette Blvd., and Tampa Bay. The project serves as the second phase of work that began before the economic downturn in 2008. The improvements included replacement of deteriorating galvanized water piping with HDPE and PVC piping and extension of reclaimed water service to the downtown region that is not already served. The work will improve water quality, pressure, fire protection and provide a less expensive alternative to potable water irrigation.

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