Rental Information


Facility Rental Agreement
Location Facility Max Capacity
 Environmental Center Outdoor, As-Is 500 $250 per day
Cypress Forest Recreation Center*

Multipurpose Room*
216 $75 per hour
Meeting Room*
$30 per hour
Oldsmar Library*
M-F: 8 am-9 pm
Sat: 8 am-5 pm
Sun: No rentals available
150 Full Room:
$120 per hour
Half Room:
$60 per hour
City Hall Lobby*
City Hall
100 $45 per hour
R.E. Olds Park

Please call
Veterans Memorial Park
Please call
*Attendant required.
There is a $100 refundable deposit (check or money order) required per facility for all renters.
20% off to all Oldsmar residents with a valid recreation card for Building/Room Rental fee.

Attendant & Janitorial Fee

Fees Attendee Number
Minimum Hours
$20 per hour
Up to 75
2 hours

76 to 125
3 hours
$20 per hour
126 to 175
4 hours

175+ 5 hours

Shelters Available for Rent

Shelter Rental Agreement

Park Address Shelters
Oldsmar Sports Complex
3120 Tampa Road
2 shelters
Cypress Forest Park
650 Pine Ave. N.
2 shelters at Spray Park
Mobbly Bayou Preserve / Bicentennial Park
423 Lafayette Blvd.
5 shelters
Mobbly Bayou Beach Park
807 Shore Drive E.
4 shelters
R.E. Olds Park
107 Shore Drive W.
4 shelters, 1 amphitheater
Richard Rogers Park
225 Pine Ave. N.
1 shelter
Sheffield Park
1923 Cutty Bay Court
3 shelters
Veterans Memorial Park
250 Shore Drive E.
1 gazebo

Shelter Rental Times & Reservation Fees (per 4 hour session)

  • Rental Times - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 2 to 6 p.m.
  • Resident Fee - $21.40 with a recreation card
  • Non-Resident Fee - $42.80 ($53.50 for Spray Park location)

Shelter Rental Information

Shelter rentals can be made at the Cypress Forest Recreation Center, Municipal Services Building, or Senior Center. Full payment, deposits, and rental agreements must be fulfilled before a reservation can be made.

City of Oldsmar residents with a valid recreation card may rent picnic shelters any time in advance. Non-residents may only reserve shelters up to 30 days in advance. Residents must provide proof of residency (City of Oldsmar water bill and driver's license) and have a valid recreation card. There is a $50 deposit (check or money order) required per shelter for all renters. For more information, please call Cypress Forest Recreation Center at 813-749-1152.

Park Special Event (Attendant Required)

$100.00 plus Attendance Fee (2 Hours or Less)
$200.00 plus Attendance Fee (2 or More Hours)

Attendance Fee Schedule
  • Attendance 1-50 - $0 per day
  • Attendance 51-150 - $150 per day
  • Attendance 151-300 - $300 per day
  • Attendance 301-1,000 - $500 per day
  • Attendance 1,001-2,500 - $750 per day

Sports Field Rentals

Field Cost
 BMX Track 
(Attendant and Insurance Required)
$75 per hour
Baseball / Softball (as is)
$20 per hour
Field Prep - Baseball / Softball
$40 per field
Football / Soccer (as is)
$25 per hour
Field Prep - Football / Soccer (lined)
$150 per field
All building, sports field, BMX and lighting fees require a 2-hour minimum.
Attendant required for field rentals of 4 hours or longer.
20% Discount with valid recreation card for field rental fee.

Additional Fees
Service Fee
Staff Fee / Attendant                              
$20.00 per hour
Electric Fee (1 hour minimum) $10.00 per hour
Janitorial Fee (See Chart)
$20.00 per hour
Set Up Fee (See Chart) $20.00 per hour

Janitorial/Set Up Fee determined by attendee number on chart below

Attendance Number Hours
Up to 75                           
2 hours
76-125 3 hours
4 hours
175+ 5 hours