Residential Grant Program

Information on the CRA Residential Grant Program

Good news - you may be eligible to receive up to $1,000 from the City of Oldsmar for home improvements. The City of Oldsmar has started a Residential Paint-up, Fix-up Program. This program will provide a 50% reimbursement of costs, up to $1,000 to qualified homeowners. This program is to help in the improvement of the outside appearance of the neighborhood. Any exterior projects could qualify for this grant program, such as the following: exterior painting, replacing windows or doors, landscaping with irrigation system installation front porch upgrades, replacement of shutters or awnings, new driveways, roof replacement, replacing dilapidated fencing, installation of outdoor lighting, and exterior architectural design for a larger project. The grant program is available to "homesteaded" 1 and 2 family properties located in the Community Redevelopment Area.

The Paint-Up, Fix-Up grant program has assisted property owners since 1996 in improving their home's appearance.

Since the programs implementation, 85 applications have been approved and over $62,000 in grant funds have been distributed to homeowners within the CRA. This grant is also not a one time only grant. There is a 24 month waiting period between grants, but eligible homeowners within the CRA are eligible after the 24 months from reimbursement to apply for a new grant project. Example: painting and landscaping would be your first application and 24 months after reimbursement for that project you can apply for a new grant for fence replacement. Remember, there are several exterior project eligible for this grant program within the CRA.


To be eligible for funding, an application must be submitted and approved by the city before any work can begin. To proceed with a project, you must fill out an application and attach an estimate by a qualified contractor of all work to be done. You must also attach 2 pictures of the current condition of the property and a simple drawing, if needed, to show the proposed layout of the improvements. After the project and the grant are approved by the City of Oldsmar and you are ready to begin the work, you are not required to use that contractor, but may use any contractor to do the work. In some cases, a homeowner may choose to do the work on their own. Remember that, if you choose this option, you must meet all the construction, inspection, and permit requirements that a builder or contractor would. Also, if you choose this method of improvement, the city can only reimburse material expenses. Your labor cannot be paid or reimbursed. If you do choose to use a contractor to do the work, we suggest that, for your own protection, you get multiple quotations.

Additional informational brochures and applications are available in our office or you may request a copy via email to Planning & Redevelopment department or by phone.