Kids Zone

The City of Oldsmar Fire Rescue recognizes that a core component of the city's mission is to protect the community from disasters and other emergencies. Our role cannot be purely that of a reactionary force responding when someone dials 911. We strive to be proactive within the community through all of the public education and public information capabilities that the city has. 

Many of our outreach efforts are directed at children since they are statistically much more likely to be injured or killed as a result of a fire or other traumatic injury. To that end, we are providing this Kids Zone page on the website. Our hope is that children and parents will check out the sites and interact with some of the fun stuff to do and along the way learn some simple safety truths that just might help to prevent a fire or injury.


Kids and parents can read the story of Sparky the Fire Dog, search through a fire truck, learn Sparky's fire safety tips, and see what other animals would look like if they were "Dalmatized" with Sparky's spots! Kids

Be a hero! Play games and test your knowledge of how to prepare for disasters.