9/11 Memorial

Oldsmar Fire Rescue is home to 1 of the area's permanent 9/11 memorials and is extremely proud of its significance and the impression it has made on citizens. Located on the grounds of the fire station, located at 225 Pine Avenue North, the memorial is a permanent reminder of the loss of life and sacrifice on September 11, 2001.

About the Memorial

The memorial is the result of city employees, local businesses, and citizens donating time, materials, labor, and money to create the memorial. A plaque near the memorial recognizes contributors as a lasting thank you from Oldsmar's firefighters.

Fire Rescue Captain Jerry Gabardi, now retired, was the catalyst to make this project a reality after securing a section of the World Trade Center steel I-beam. He enlisted the assistance of the City of Oldsmar's Senior Engineering Technician, Tim Jacobson, who served as the project foreman directing and managing the memorial construction project. The memorial consists of a granite base on which an I-beam section of steel from one of the World Trade Center towers is affixed. The steel beam is set on metal scrollwork of the number 343, the number of New York City firefighters killed that fateful day.

Surrounding the memorial is a walkway of brick pavers inscribed with the names of each of the 343 firefighters and their unit assignments. The memorial was completed and a dedication ceremony was held in March 2006.

Visitors Welcome

The public is welcome to visit the memorial 24/7. Many citizens visit the site to pay tribute to those lost on 9/11, to contemplate events on that date, or to leave mementos in memory of the deceased.