Building Division



All Florida Building Code Permits for the City of Oldsmar will be issued by Pinellas County per a new Interlocal Agreement effective Wednesday, September 1, 2021.


What you will need to do PRIOR to obtaining a Building Code Related Permit within the City of Oldsmar are the following actions. These actions MUST be completed by you through the City’s Building Division.

  • Obtain Zoning and Land Use
  • Land Development Code Approvals
  • Flood Reviews
  • Public Works & Fire Approvals
  • Architectural Review for properties located within the Community Redevelopment Area and along the Tampa Road Corridor

Once the above necessary actions are completed, the applicant can then proceed to finalize their Florida Building Code Permit with Pinellas County.

Exception to this requirement the following permit types may be submitted directly to Pinellas County Building Department:

  • Electric (on private property only)
  • Plumbing (on private property only)
  • Window/doors/garage doors *
  • Roofs 
  • Soffits, Fascia and Siding *
  • Mechanical and A/C changeouts
  • Gas permits for natural gas without new service 
  • Sheds >100sf (sheds <100sf are City only)

*If property is located within the Community Redevelopment Area or along the Tampa Road Corridor you must receive architectural approval from the City of Oldsmar. 

Pinellas County Building Services 

Address: 440 Court Street, Clearwater  

Phone (727)-464-3888.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Building Division is responsible for ensuring that new development and modifications to existing development in Oldsmar is completed in compliance with state, county, city, and local laws and codes.

The Building Division provides technical information to citizens, contractors, and developers and performs the following services:

  • Codes and ordinances (city and state)
  • Inspects all projects that require a permit
  • Issues permits
  • Reviews plans

Schedule inspections, check permit status and results, or to make payments online for outstanding fees use our New Online Portal. You must register with the City of Oldsmar to receive your login information.

Or call the permit inspection line at 813-749-1171 by 3:30 p.m. Any inspection requests after this time will be scheduled for the day after.

Holiday Closures no inspections Monday 2/15/2021, Monday 6/1/2021, Monday 7/5/2021, Monday 9/6/2021, Thursday 11/25/2021, Friday 11/26/2021, Thursday 12/23/2021, Friday 12/24/2021


Following is a one page End of Permit Survey which can be submitted electronically and confidentially. Comment Cards are also available at the front of the building division.
Survey Monkey

ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification

Good news! The City of Oldsmar ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification is 3 for 1 and 2 family residential property and 3 for commercial and industrial property. Insurers can use the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification as a basis for applying credits to individual property insurance policies.

You may view the new 2020 Florida Building Code, 7th Edition for free by visiting International Code Council website.