Evaluation & Appraisal Report

As of December 19, 2006

Elected Officials

  • Jerald Beverland, Mayor
  • Donald B. Bohr, Council Member
  • Janice Miller, Vice-Mayor
  • Jim Ronecker, Council Member
  • Suzanne Vale, Council Member

Appointed Officials

  • Marguerite Burns, Assistant City Manager
  • Bruce T. Haddock, City Manager
  • Lisa A. Lene, City Clerk
  • Scott McGuff, Fire Chief
  • John Mulvihill, Director of Public Works
  • Gerald Paradise, Planning and Redevelopment Director
  • Lynn Rives, Leisure Services Director
  • Thomas J. Trask, City Attorney
  • Roberta Weber, Library Director

City of Oldsmar Planning Board

  • Bernie Carnevale, Council Member
  • Tom DiGirolamo, Alternate
  • William (Bob) Harvey, Chairman
  • Amber Kammers, Alternate
  • Claude Jean, Council Member
  • James Mason, Council Member
  • Jason Oxendine, Council Member
  • Jerry Walters, Vice-Chairman
  • Gary Zarb, Council Member

Prepared By

  • Boyle Engineering Co. – Alternative Water Supply Planning
  • Marie Dauphinais, AICP, CFM – Planning Administrator, City of Oldsmar
  • Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. – Transportation Planning
  • Michele Parisano - Associate Planner, City of Oldsmar
I. Introduction
Community Profile
Purpose of the EAR
EAR Process
II. Current Trends and Conditions (PDF)
Population Growth
Changes in Land Area - Municipal Annexations
Vacant Land for Future Development
Extent of Vacant and Developable Land
Demands of Growth on Infrastructure
Location of Existing Development
III. Major Issues (PDF)
Community Redevelopment Area
Alternative Water Supply Facility
Enhance Multimodal Transportation
Prepare a Tampa Road Corridor Plan
IV. Assessment of Elements (PDF)
Future Land Use
Coastal Management and Conservation
Intergovernmental Coordination
Recreation and Open Space
Capital Improvements
Each element contains the following: Status of the element since 1996
Success or shortcoming of element
Actions undertaken to achieve objectives
V. Relevant Changes and Consistency with Growth Management Laws (PDF)
Introduction and Background
State Comprehensive Plan
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Strategic Policy Plan
Chapter 163, Florida Statutes
Rule Chapter 9J-5, Florida Administrative Code
VI. Special Topics (PDF)
Coordination of Land Use and School Planning
Redevelopment Feasibility and Property Rights in Coastal High-Hazard Area
Water Supply Planning
Common Methodology Regarding Transportation Concurrency