Reclaimed Water Division

What is Reclaimed Water?

Reclaimed water is domestic wastewater that has been highly treated and disinfected so that it can be safely used for irrigationReclaimed water sign with fire hydrant and other non-potable uses.  Although reclaimed water meets most drinking water standards and is safe for human contact, it is not intended for use as drinking water.

Oldsmar’s reclaimed water meets strict water quality standards as established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) in Chapter 62-510, Florida Administrative Code.

This service is available to residents in many areas of Oldsmar. Please contact us to inquire about reclaimed water service availability on your street.

Dry Weather Protocol

Reclaimed Water Level I Dry Weather Protocol is currently in effect. Reclaimed watering is allowed daily between 6:00PM-Noon the following day. Please note that due to high demand on the reclaimed supply, service could be intermittently interrupted.

Dry Weather Protocol – Level I

Possible reclaim shut off hours: 12:00pm to 6:00pm daily.

Dry Weather Protocol – Level II     

Reclaim availability schedule (Level I hours still in effect): 

  • North of Tampa Rd. – Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat.
  • South of Tampa Rd. – Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sun.

Reclaimed Service Availability

Please visit Utility Billing for current costs and fees.

To see map of service availability, click here

A reclaimed service availability fee will be effective January 1, 2013.

Please Note: Only residents who have current access to reclaimed water and have not connected will incur the monthly fee.

  1. Application & Installation
  2. Usage Do's & Don'ts

1. Fill out and submit the application, agreement, and applicable fees to the Utility Billing Office in City Hall.  The installation fee for a standard-size residential meter is $320.  Commercial and multi-family applications have a different fee schedule and must also have a site plan and/or construction plans showing the main diameter and location.  For more information on the application and required documents, call (813) 749-1124.

2. Distribution and Collection, who will install your reclaimed meter, usually within a couple of weeks of receiving the work order. 

3. After your meter has been installed, you will be informed that the meter has been installed and is ready for your irrigation system to be connected.

4. After you connect your irrigation system to the meter, contact Distribution and Collection at (813) 749-1226 so they can inspect your setup to make sure there is no possibility of cross connection.  If you have an irrigation meter, it may be removed at this time to stop incurring the basic fees for Irrigation service.

5. After passing the initial inspection, the reclaimed water meter will be unlocked and ready for use.

Irrigation to Reclaimed Meter Swap

Customers with an existing irrigation meter may be eligible for free reclaimed meter installation. For more details call Utility Billing  at (813) 855-5257.