Employee Action

employee actionThe Employee Action Committee (EAC) represents non-union employees and acts as their advocate. Elected representatives from each department meet with the City Manager quarterly to discuss ideas, concerns, and suggestions. The EAC also represents employees in the grievance process, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed. Overall, the EAC plays a crucial role in supporting non-union employees and fostering a positive work environment.


The City offers unique opportunities for employees to participate in Citywide committees to help make a difference in our everyday lives while here at work!  The following committees are open to employees to participate in:

Wellness Committeewellness

The focus of the Wellness Committee is to build a workplace environment that is supportive of living a healthy lifestyle. The committee will assess, plan, and implement activities and opportunities that incorporate all aspects of wellness, so employees can be more aware, motivated, and skilled at making decisions for their health and overall well-being.

sustainabilitySustainability Team

This team works to promote sustainability in our people, planet, and profit and they bring sustainable initiatives and awareness across the City.

innovationInnovation Team

This team is focused on discovering, investigating, and recommending ways for the City to accomplish its current tasks in a more efficient manner.