Oldsmar Waterways


Oldsmar waterways provide plenty of opportunities for residents and visitors to explore its shorelines.  Whether by kayak or stand-up board, boat, or simply wading along the shore, everyone looks forward to spending time in or on the waters of upper Tampa Bay and Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve.

As a coastal community, the City of Oldsmar embraces its eco-tourism and encourages those who partake in waterfront activities to be proactive with their surroundings.  It is important to note that there are naturally occurring bacteria in the waters.

 As such, it is best to avoid swimming or wading if you have any open wounds or scrapes, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medications which can suppress your immune system.

Another suggestion would be to wear beach shoes to prevent potential cuts or scrapes on shells or rocks while partaking in the waters.


The Florida Department of Health offers detailed information on one type of bacteria – VIBRIO VULNIFICUS.

The Department of Health in Pinellas County manages the HEALTHY BEACH PROGRAM, which monitors for levels of enterococci bacteria at popular beaches.


Beaches are sampled for Enterococci; waters that don't meet the standard are considered moderate. Studies in marine and fresh waters indicate that enterococci are one of the best bacterial indicators of water quality. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

When samples exceed 70 colony forming units (cfu)/100 mL, they are considered poor and an advisory would be posted.

Sampling Fields

Test Date Level - Enterococci MPN/100mL
R.E. Olds Park #1
Mobbly Beach Park #1
Mobbly Beach Park #2
Mobbly Beach Park #3
RE Olds Sample Site
Mobbly Beach Sample Sites