Plan Actions

Through the CRP, the City established a planning level roadmap, which prioritizes actions for assets identified to be at high risk of climate impacts. The results of the physical risk assessment identified that the WRF and several of the parks and natural areas are at highest risk of flooding impacts in the near term. Strategies and actions to reduce the risk of flooding impacts to these assets and City buildings were identified and vetted based on a series of selection criteria to align with public feedback and input from the Internal Working Group. While the CRP focused on these assets, other communitywide planning efforts and recommendations have been identified to improve the City's CRS score. These recommendations will benefit all properties in the city.

  1. Ashlee Painter

    Environmental Management Supervisor

Adaptation Planning Selection Criteria

Flow chart of Adaptation Planning Selection Criteria.

Short-Term Measures (1-10 years)

Water Reclamation Facility
Elevate control buildingIn-Progress

Increase wetwell rimRecommended

Raise electrical & control systemsRecommended

Increase inflow & infiltration lining programIn-Progress
Parks & Natural Areas
Update Parks Master PlanRecommended

Install salt-tolerant native landscape/sodIn-Progress

Create pedestrian cool zones or shaded areasRecommended

Install oyster reef and living shorelineIn-Progress

Implement stormwater retrofits and employ best management practicesRecommended

Exotic/nuisance vegetation managementIn-Progress
Citywide Planning
Initiate updates to improve City's CRS ratingIn-Progress

Mid-Term Measures (10-20 years)

Water Reclamation Facility
Install future equipment in such a way that it can be relocatedRecommended
Parks & Natural Areas
Elevate barriers/facilitiesRecommended

Install tidal backflow devicesRecommended

Raise boardwalk/pier to adapt to SLRRecommended

Raise critical infrastructure (electrical, HVAC)Recommended

Long-Term Measures (20+ years)

Water Reclamation Facility
Consider relocating key equipment to higher groundRecommended
Parks & Natural Areas
Raise or relocate critical infrastructureRecommended

Install emergency tide/surge gates at major outfallsRecommended

Relocate facilitiesRecommended

Evaluate the implementation of rolling easements to protect development of adjoining lands below elevation of 5 feetRecommended
City Buildings
Elevate structures and key equipmentRecommended

Consider installing temporary flood containment systemsRecommended

Consider relocating the Environmental Education CenterRecommended