Save Our Bay Program

Save Our Bay Program Oldsmar Citizen Science
  1. Ashlee Painter

    Environmental Management Supervisor

One of the biggest draws to Oldsmar is the bay and our parks. Residents are drawn to the natural beauty and recreational activities that the coast has to offer. We want to ensure that these spaces and the bay remain healthy for future generations.

Every year the Tampa Bay Estuary Program creates a State of the Bay report  with water quality data collected throughout the year (read report here). Since the construction of the causeways across Old Tampa Bay, the water quality in this section has been impacted by the reduced flow and increased population in the area. 

While the city is working with regional and state partners to address some of the bigger projects affecting bay health, we want to do everything we can locally to keep our bay waters healthy. The Save the Bay Program is a way for all residents to get involved in helping to keep our bay clean. The program started in 2021 with Vertical Oyster Gardens and will continue to add new projects annually. All projects will be ongoing, so click on the project tabs to see how you can help Save Our Bay!

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