Storm Surge

During a storm event excess water from the Bay gets pushed on shore causing increased flooding. While wind is a major factor in coastal storms, water can have a much more damaging effect on properties. Oldsmar's location at the top of Old Tampa Bay puts us in an unique position for increased storm surge effects.

As we saw recently with Tropical Storm ETA, even a smaller storm event can cause significant flooding within the city. Understanding the reach and depth of the flood water due to storm surge can help us make informed decisions on future planning policies and infrastructure projects. 

The maps below show the effects of storm surge through the end of the century. You can use your mouse to zoom in and out of the map, pause the slideshow, or go to a specific storm size to see how your business or residence will be affected by storm surge.

Storm Surge LegendNote: These maps reflect storm surge with intermediate sea level rise of four feet by 2100. General storm categories based on likelihood are:

  • 25-Year Storm = Tropical Storm - Cat 1 Hurricane
  • 50-Year Storm = Cat 2 - Cat 3 Hurricane
  • 100-Year Storm = Cat 4 - Cat 5 Hurricane
  1. Ashlee Painter

    Environmental Management Supervisor