FGBC Green Local Government

FGBC CEO CJ Davila presenting Gold certification to City Council
  1. Ashlee Painter

    Environmental Management Supervisor

L-R: Council Member Andrew Knapp, Vice Mayor Katie Gannon, Mayor Eric Seidel, Sustainability Coordinator Ashlee Painter, FGBC Executive Director C.J. Davila, Council Member Linda Norris, Council Member Dan Saracki

Oldsmar goes GOLD!

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) create the Green Local Government Standard to designate green cities and counties that exemplified in environmental stewardship. The program was developed in partnership with experts from local governments, private sector green building industries, universities, and state & federal agencies. The standard looks at all aspects of local government operations. Because no two municipalities are the same, the standard allows for flexibility by having over 300 different metrics that can be used towards certification.

The City of Oldsmar received a Silver certification in 2013 with 33% of maximum applicable points awarded. Through the hard work and dedication across all City departments, we were able to increase our score to 54.63% in 2020. The higher score allowed Oldsmar to achieve Gold status! In fact, we currently have the third highest score in Florida!

To learn more about what went into getting this certification, click on the tabs below for highlights.

  1. Administration
  2. Building & Development
  3. Economy & Tourism

For the last decade Oldsmar's administration has been committed to making City operations more sustainable and green. To better reflect this commitment, the Mission Statement was updated to:

 To provide leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship, and excellent services in partnership with the community

LEED certified Council Chambers Other actions that have been taken through the years are:

  • Monitor and track local government energy and water use and solid waste and recycling rates
  • Construct and renovate buildings for LEED certification
  • Employ green cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Maintain a staff position to coordinate current and future green activities and education

  1. Public Safety
  2. Energy
  3. Environment

Public safety is vitally important to Oldsmar. Oldsmar Fire Rescue and our Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Community Officers do an amazing job ensuring their operations are sustainable while maintaining the highest standards. Check out some of the ways our public safety teams are incorporating green practices. Fire Rescue fire hose training using water conservation

  • Fire department conserves water where appropriate during training operations
  • Incentives for disaster mitigation
  • Offer mitigation audits to homes, businesses, and local government buildings
  • Public safety staff attend Healthy Street design training
  1. Parks & Recreation
  2. Planning
  3. Streets & Stormwater

Oldsmar has four times the national average of park area (40%). We love our parks and we want to make sure they are great places for residents to visit - both human and wildlife.

  • Apply Florida Friendly Landscaping principles at public amenities
  • Minimize heat effect and stormwater runoff 
  • Implement recycling stations at all areas
  • Implement energy efficient lighting and controls for outdoor courts, parks, and playfields
  • Maintain organic community garden
  • Employ green landscaping procedures for local government facilities
    Pier at RE Olds Park 
  1. Water & Wastewater
  2. Solid waste & recylcing
  3. Innovation

Oldsmar operates its own water and wastewater plants to service our residents. Our Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant (ROWTP) was the first LEED certified ROWTP in Florida. Both facilities strive to provide the best services with the least environmental impact as feasible to maintain safe water and wastewater standards. Water Tank

  • Create reclaimed water infrastructure
  • Conduct an energy audit of treatment facilities
  • Seek Florida Department of Environmental Protection plant excellence award (ROWTP received award in 2018)
  • Use online bill pay and/or recycled paper for billing content