Distribution & Collection


Phone Number
Water/Sewer24 hours / 7 days813-749-1226
After Hours10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.727-313-0597

Duties & Responsibilities

Distribution & Collection, aka D&C, is responsible for all the utility piping and meters within Oldsmar. They maintain nearly 200 miles of water and sewer pipes, 650 fire hydrants, and over 5,000 meters. D&C also locates underground utilities in the Right-of-Way for all construction projects within the city.

  1. Johna Jahn

    Assistant Public Works Director

  2. Ben Pugh

    Distribution and Collection Supervisor

  3. Utilities

  1. Sunshine 811
  2. Clean Outs

Sunshine 811 color code for underground utilitiesHave you seen small marker flags around the roadways and sidewalks in Oldsmar and wondered why they are there? These are called locate flags. Utilities use these "locates" to mark underground lines. To help ensure the health and safety of our citizens and environment, Florida enacted Sunshine 811 laws that require anyone doing any digging to call 811 to have appropriate utilities come out to locate and mark lines. Knowing where utilities are before you dig can save time, expense, and lives. Click here to learn more about Sunshine 811.

So, if you see flags around town, please do not remove them. And if you plan on digging, please call 811 before you dig to ensure you do not accidentally hit a utility line.

Diagram showing 24 inch no dig zone around an utility marker