Oldsmar Poet Laureate

Oldsmar Poet Laureate

Poetry is an important literary art form which provides insight to community culture and history.  City Council wishes to give formal acknowledgement and appreciation to poetic expression in everyday life through the appointment of a Poet Laureate. As such, the City Poet Laureate was created.  This position is appointed by the City Council for an initial term of five (5) years.

Responsibilities of the Poet Laureate shall include:

  • Authoring and presenting an original poem to the Mayor and City Council within the first quarter of each calendar year during a regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

  • Promote poetry in schools by encouraging students to read, write and present their own works.

  • Compiling poetry from other citizens within the community and facilitating community involvement through events such as monthly competitions, workshop entries, school class projects or any other event as determined by the City Council.

First Quarter 2018 Council Poetry Challenge 

City Council members were provided the same world list to work from and develop a poem.  Here are their final submissions!