Poetry Post

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                             Introducing the Oldsmar Poetry Post at the Oldsmar Public Library

Poetry has a visceral power to deeply touch our lives.  When given proper attention, it can shake us out of our waking sleep and into a precious moment of inspiration.  The Community Poetry Post is a new and exciting project designed to allow the community to be heard through poetry.

The community is invited to email their favorite poem; from which several submissions will be chosen to be featured on the Community Poetry Post, a bulletin board located in the arcade of the Oldsmar Public Library, thru the end of January 2017.  Feel free to submit poems at any time, as the post is updated weekly.  There are no rules - we only request that the poems you submit are family-friendly in content.

When you submit your email, let us know if you would like your name to be used, i.e., "YOUR NAME chose this poem to be featured on the Community Poetry Post." If you wish, include a statement about how this poem affects you, what it means to you and why it's your favorite!

We look forward to reading your poems!

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