Cypress Lakes Industrial Park

Attracting & Retaining Businesses

Cypress Lakes Industrial Park (CLIP) is an important part of the city and is ideally situated for redevelopment and Economic Development activities to attract new businesses and retain and assist existing businesses. This site has been created to keep the property owners and business tenants apprised of the activities that are occurring in this area of the city.

What's New

The City of Oldsmar continues to identify ways of attracting new businesses and retaining and assisting existing businesses through redevelopment and economic development activities.  In 2011 as an incentive for property owners and tenants to participate in the City's redevelopment efforts and improve the attractiveness of their properties, City Council authorized staff to implement the CLIP Property Improvement Matching Grant Program.  This program is only for exterior improvements involving eligible activities such as landscaping, parking, signage and façade alteration and repair.  Since the implementation of the program, the City has provided over $34,000 in matching funds for exterior improvements for 10 properties in the Cypress Lakes Industrial Park.

Property Improvement CLIP Grant Program

Cypress Lakes Industrial Park (CLIP)/Commerce Boulevard Property Improvement Matching Grant Program is designed to stimulate and leverage investment by businesses in Cypress Lakes Industrial Park through enhanced appearance and condition of industrial structures and property.  This program provides up to a $10,000 matching grant from the city for materials only. The grant by the City is determined by the total value of the project, but the matching grant by the City cannot exceed the cost of the materials.  To access additional details on the program such as eligibility requirements, application and covered improvements and Grant agreement, click on the links below for information on the CLIP/Commerce Boulevard Property Improvement Matching Grant Program.

    CLIP/Commerce Blvd Grant Application
    CLIP/Commerce Blvd Parameters
    CLIP/Commerce Blvd Grant Sliding Scale
    CLIP/Commerce Blvd Grant Agreement

The CLIP/Commerce Boulevard Grant Parameters now includes "Flood Proofing" as an eligible activity. (Examples provided below)

    Flood Proofing Example 1
    Flood Proofing Example 2
    Flood Proofing Example 3

Investing in Improvements on our Roadways

The City on March 4, 2016 received word from Florida Senator Frank Latvala's office that the final approved State budget includes $1.5 million for design and construction of Oldsmar's Douglas Road/Burbank Road Improvements Project.  The widening of Douglas Road and the installation of a trail includes the extension of Burbank Road.  This extension will provide an additional access option from Cypress Lakes Industrial Park to Tampa Road, much needed for the massive volume of rush hour traffic.  The improvements will positively impact options for business and employment in our area, especially energizing the manufacturing sector.  (Douglas Road Burbank Improvement Project Flyer

Further Information

For further information on the ideas that are being considered for Cypress Lakes Industrial Park
  If you are interested in receiving email updates to what is occurring in the Cypress Lakes Industrial Park, send an email to Michele Parisano, Planning Manager/CRA Administrator with your name, company name and address.

Future enhancements to other areas of the Cypress Lakes Industrial Park will also be occurring.

To learn more about some of the diverse and successful businesses in the Cypress Lakes Industrial Park you can visit the business directory.