Commercial Building Permit Application Checklist

The following documents are needed to process an application for commercial building construction. Documents are to be supplied by the general contractor as a complete package.

  1. Two sets of plans (matching the plot plan) signed and sealed by an architect or engineer registered in the State of Florida in compliance with the most recent edition of the Florida Building Code (2014). One set of all documents submitted electronically in PDF format on a CD, Flashdrive or submitted via email.
  2. Each plan set shall include:
    • Breakdown of square footage and layout of suite numbers on commercial buildings
    • Electric layout
    • Electric riser diagram, including main panel size
    • Exterior Elevations
    • Floor plan including Electric load calculations
    • Floor/roof framing plan or truss layout
    • Foundation plan
    • HVAC plans
    • Plumbing riser diagram
    • Site Plan
    • Typical wall sections
    • Wind load design data
  3. One application for building permit - complete and signed by the general contractor
  4. One sub contractor registration form - complete with all sub contractors listed, signed by the general contractor and including TECO layout number and mechanical valuation on page one and completed second page which includes electrical and plumbing counts for the job. (In the event you have more sub contractors than can fit on the form, please submit additional copies of the first page).
  5. Complete impact fee application.
  6. One water / wastewater service application - completed
  7. One application for right-of-way authorization with 2 copies of approved site plan
  8. One certificate of occupancy application - completed
  9. One certified copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement
  10. One copy of approved site plans showing location of all structures, setback dimensions, easements, and drainage
  11. One copy of energy calculations - signed by the preparer and the builder
  12. One copy of any required soil tests
  13. Two copies of Florida Product Approval Specification Sheet for all exterior components and cladding, including installation instructions
  14. One copy of variance approval, easement/right-of-way vacation if secured, for the application (if applicable)