Special Needs Evacuation Assistance

Special Needs Program
Special Needs - Caring for Our Most Vulnerable CitizensThe City of Oldsmar, in partnership with Pinellas County, provides a program to assist those citizens that may need assistance to evacuate their homes during disasters. A "special needs" citizen is one who is oxygen-dependent, wheelchair bound, or bedridden and has no outside support of family or friends to assist them in evacuating when necessary. Citizens that are in need of this assistance may register for the program by contacting the Fire Department at 813-749-1200 or through Pinellas County Emergency Management.

How It Works
When a registration is received via telephone or through the county online registration, an Oldsmar Fire and Rescue representative will schedule a meeting with the registrant to discuss their situation, explain the conditions of the special needs program, and identify the appropriate evacuation strategy.

Register Today
Please do not wait until a hurricane is approaching to register for the program. Register for the Special Needs Program today!